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Web Development Support

If you choice the one from website packages, We will support frontend design, control panel and one year license for domain and hosting for set up fees .we will request annual fees of plan you chose for every year and then we will support to maintain website, free service, and hosting and domain. And also

  1. We can serve from tour time up to ten time free update per monthly for each plan website.
  2. We will support for training about one day office time for website control panel.
  3. We will provide for web services via onsite or phone or email what everything need for website.
  4. We can be change one time per year for web design if customer have requested.
  5. We will maintain and protect our entire customer website that doesn’t be struck with any ways from other.

Remark : Customer must support for transportation charges whenever we come to customer site after website have launched.

Domain & Hosting Support

An address on the Internet that indicates the location of a computer or network. These are administrated to avoid duplication. Peoples use your domain name to view your website. We serve customers who want to buy domain name as they want for name. Please insert form (domain registeration form) hosting which is a place to store data and photos and the space that you rent out to have your business in. It's merely the space itself. The Web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet. It is actually linked to an ip address that points to a specific computer. When somebody enters your domain name into their browser's address field, the IP address is located and Web site is loaded from your Web host. We serve customers who want to buy hosting ip address as they want to link with domain .we serve only for www.hostgator.com

Online Marketing Service

We support facebook advertising for your business to know people about your business.

  1. Create Facebook page for your business and to update news and design for product/services.
  2. Facebook campaign for to get more like for your page and boost .
  3. Facebook campaign for to send people to your website .

Webmail Service

Webmail is name@yourbusinessname.com . Web based emails should be built all of business industries. It is official web mail for all business and so many benefits are online and offline can be use, safe your data don’t be lost and manage your web mail storage space.

Mobile Development

We develop android phone application .some of business which is journal and e-commerce want to see online and offline version in their android phone. So made an application which fetched and post data to server and works fine in online mode. But people want to make it works in offline mode also, when there is no internet connection or network failure. It should also make changes(updates) to the server database when net is available. And also we develop android application for retail and distribution industries which want to go around hosting to mobile alternating .

Maintenance Service

All of our clients support to perform all the tasks necessary to keep a website up to date and in good, working order so that it works and shows up correctly with the latest web browsers and mobile devices.

For Examples:

  1. Changing website content (text, images, PDF files, calendar events, etc.)
  2. Tweaking / optimizing pages and your web design
  3. Redesigning a header / website banner
  4. Testing that the website works well with the latest web browsers / mobile devices
  5. Upgrading website software
  6. Checking website error logs
  7. Reporting website rankings and statistics
  8. Troubleshooting why pages don’t work or why certain things don’t line up
  9. Testing forms
  10. Cleaning up old files
  11. Formatting and sending a monthly e-newsletter and so on …

Window Service

We produce qualified window application software like inventory, accounting and customize software which is as useful as skilled supervisors for businesses. .it is easy design to use and affordable for users. We will support after sale services.

  1. We will support user manual book to know for detail software structure whenever you read.
  2. We will serve for training up to 15 day during office time with unlimited trainees. And then our services department will serve for every need.
  3. We will give Free Onsite support for 6 months after sales.
  4. We look forward to customer satisfactions. So we make technicians who have good relation and professionalism to serve clients.
  5. We promise our customers to be safe our customer data don’t be out going.

Remark : Customer must support for transportation charges whenever we come to customer site.

Our Apex Websites & Software Solutions Co., ltd. is established at 2014. Though, it is a newly established company.

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